Tuesday, December 20, 2016

十二月 二零一六年

圣诞的气息 来得如此温馨
仿佛一切的争议和嫉恨 全然消失
大家来庆祝一番 难得的安宁

我 二十二岁的时光 快逝去了
原来 越长大 失去的越多
剩下的 只有缠绵的血缘 和 不离不弃的知己
感觉什么都没有了 却觉得其实拥有很多
真奇迹 这样的我 还有机会生存下去
很庆幸 很感恩
能够让我 继续 单纯 天真 无知
谢谢你们 守护了我的天真
也感恩神明 让我有机会 不离不弃

让人 心生欢喜 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What have I contribute to the world ? 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The day has came

I can't believe 
That I left the place 
Like so fast.... 

My first job, my first resign letter 
Indeed is a good experience for me 
Who never ever get involve in any company 

I'm so glad to meet all of them 
No matter my colleagues, my seniors, and even my boss
They let me grow 
One thing I have learnt 
No matter how bad a person is 
Or how good a person would be 
They have two phases 
Just we could see which one first 
No one is perfect 
But love can overcome all imperfect 
No one love to be a bad guy 
They have their own story behind 
Everyone got their true beauty in their heart 
We just choose to follow or not to 

I miss them so much 
It was like a dream 
Like never live with them before
Never ever joke, chat, work, play, laugh, scrol around..... With them
It's telling me like.. It's time to awake 
Finally the feast has came to an end 
When could we meet again 

I hate them before 
I had been hurt so much before 
Just never thought of 
I will miss the moment 
In the end 
Wish our last memory before we left
Our last relationship would be best friends